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Monday, September 1, 2008

For Michelle and Jenny

So, apparently I have not written a blog in ages. And even though this blog might be completely devoid of any real content, it will nevertheless be there. For my two faithful readers. ;)

A lot of real things are going on right now, but all I really feel like writing about is Gilmore Girls. Or Las Chicas Gilmore as it is called when I watch it with spanish subtitles, which I have been prone to do lately so my brain does not completely turn to mush. A couple of phrases that are now permanently embedded in my brain:
"Estamos bien?" = Are we ok?
"Levitemos como plumas, tiesas como palos." = Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
"Luke, hay brillo sobre mis panquecas." = Luke, there's some glitter on my pancakes.
(...and one I'm sure I'll use...)
"Me siento sucio." = I feel dirty.

Speaking of mush: I suddenly like oatmeal. Correction: lo amo. I love it. All my life, I gagged every time I tried to swallow it. Then, last week, I decided to like it. It's cheap, it's healthy, it's filling. The first few bites, dry heaves. Then, I finished the bowl. Over the weekend, I ate an entire box of it. That's 3 bowls a day. And we sell it at Starbucks now (not sure why, but I'm happy about it now) so my new addiction will continue every morning until I get sick of it.

Adios para ahora.