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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Big Muscles

Nick and I were talking last night and we agree that a major thing the Lord has been working on in my life in the past couple of months (well, years--but I am finally more willing, able to recognize it as such, and somewhat excited at the thought) is the ability to go on living even when, especially when, something is happening that I do not like and can do nothing about. This has always been a very 'weak muscle' for me, so the Lord in His infinite wisdom is kicking my ass into shape. It's good.
When Nick was in Brazil, I did pretty well. I learned a lot, mainly about what I just said. We had a lot of contact while he was there, via phone calls and emails. However, there was one weekend where the team took a river trip for 3 days and had no outside connection whatsoever. I felt prepared for this, but the weekend did not go as expected for me. I was starting my online semester that weekend and planned to get ahead and start off on a good note. One problem: the computer crashed. And I mean crashed. It would turn on or load Windows. I knew something had changed in me when I did not immediately start crying or freaking out. That happened a few minutes later, but still. I cried out to the Lord for a little while, then watched a movie. When I was able to talk to Nick again, he told me how to fix it. That weak muscle grew a lot during the Brazil trip.
Currently, two things are happening.
I have an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out on the 22nd. I thought my break from school was that week, but I realized last night that is actually the week I begin a new semester. Guess what? Nothing I can do about it until Monday when the dentist's office opens. I also thought about calling my school and seeing if I could contact the professors to see if I could begin a few days early, but guess what? Nothing I can do about it until Monday when the office opens.
I can seriously feel that muscle growing.
I also have been reading and studying for a test all week. I feel really confident about and I like the material it is over. I took a few practice quizzes and studied my notes. I was excited to take it when...I realized the quiz wasn't there. The professor must have forgotten to post it. I wrote her an email, but guess what? Probably nothing I can do about it until Monday when she usually answers emails.
Pumping iron over here.

Speaking of. My friend Sara was kind enough to give me her guest pass to Power Shack! Only $7/month and it's right by my work! So excited. I can't wait to get into a routine of working out come November-ish when my schedule goes back to normal.

I think that's all for now.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Soup Recipes

That title gives everything away, doesn't it?

So, it's the season for it.
Give me your soup recipes, I know you have at least one.
I'll take as many as I can get.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Please Be Seated

The notecards are now posted in our Etsy shop! Here they are--click on the titles to go directly to the listing on Etsy.

Please Be Seated (Gold):

Please Be Seated (Scarlet):

The cards look fantastic--even better in person! Overnightprints.com is the way to go if you need quick bulk orders. They are only $2.00 and are so autumn-y and fun. Bonus: if I know you, no need for shipping--I'll just hand them right to you.
That's all for now!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Today is good, my friends. The weather...I don't have words for it. I love it that much. I get to wear a sweatshirt! I am wearing socks! I am cold! Life is good!
Recap: last night was Colin's much-anticipated surprise party. SO FUN. And Michelle & company did a great job of keeping the big secret--Colin was actually surprised. A lovely group of people. I don't know the last time I felt so comfortable at a party. I'm more of a one-on-one type of conversationalist, but last night was great.
This morning Nick and I went to the Farmer's Market and it was great. Corn and banana peppers, etc. I love living in Clintonville. I hope I live here forever, I mean that.
Not much else going on. I just aced a mid-term. Getting ready to make spaghetti. (<----rhymed.) Going to Dan's (not surprise) birthday party tonight with the likes of Katie Babcock. Can't wait--similar group, more food.

Mo' later.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Got My Hair Did

Today was a good day. I slept in. I got up and listened to some music. Adrienne picked me up and we made pesto all afternoon. The weather is wonnnnnderful. Not much to say right now, except for I got my hair chopped off a week ago.

Eight inches, baby. These are some silly photos that Nick took a couple of days ago. The greatest part of having short hair is not having to think much about it.
I am off to hopefully finish a paper on the aforementioned topic of child-rearing. Later.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday, Monday

Do I already have a blog with this title? I can't remember and don't care enough to check.
Oh my goodness I just busted out a 5-pg paper that isn't even due until Sunday. I am taking a Child Psych course that is pretty interesting. The subject of the paper was on discipline (my choice out of about five other options), so maybe it was easier to write because I am interested in it. It is weird to write my opinions about a subject I have yet to experience, namely child-rearing. I can practically feel the instructor (who is very encouraging and helpful) rolling her eyes because I do not have kids. But I am honest about the fact that these are just ideas rolling around in my head until that time of my life hits—I strive to be humble in my observations, I think. Since a lot of my close friends have had children (YAY!) I have only heard a couple of times the comments that go something like "Oh, you wouldn't know because you're not a mom yet..." or when I am brave enough to answer their questions about my opinion on a subject I have gotten the old "you think that now, but you just wait." I hate that. The thing is, we are children of God. Parenting (hopefully) is modeled after His parenting of us, and since I have been a child of his for a while now, it is possible for me to have a few opinions or maybe something to add to a conversation. I am not fooling myself into thinking that those said opinions will not change drastically, but whatever. It's fun to talk about such things.
Speaking of which, Michelle is so great to talk to about literally everything. Parenting? Sure. Marriage? Definitely. We could talk or not talk for hours--we both love the debate and the picking of the brain that inevitably follows. Seriously, hours. Another friend that I love talking to is Aubrey. If you don’t know her, you should. One of the most humble people. Ever. She is forever asking me my opinion on things that I probably know nothing about. But I try. In the past week we have talked at length about parenting and church discipline—am I a mom? Not yet. A pastor? Hopefully not ever. But she still seems to value the conversation and it makes me feel loved. I have also reconnected with my friend, Laura, in the past week and that is doing my heart very well.

I have no idea why I am writing this much. I didn’t know this much was in my brain, I tell you. After writing a paper, I tend to ramble for a while after, either in speech or writing. Smoke is coming out of the keyboard.

So, starting tomorrow morning, Nick and I are taking some time to pray and listen to what the Lord is trying to say about my relationship with Him. There’s faith there somewhere, right? I am assuming He is going to speak, so that is something. Just taking two days or so to push some distractions aside and put ourselves in the place of hungering for Him. For some reason I am excited. In the past couple of days/weeks I go between feeling numb to feeling some emotions that I hate feeling, so excited is good. Might be some of the reason I am typing so fast.

What else? I’m hungry, that’s what. Off in search of food…

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day, la la la

Nick just said to me, “I’m going to go poop. And there better be a new blog to read when I get done.”

So here I am. A productive day in Fancherville. It involved: a psychology book, a pencil, a computer, an APA manual, some rice, some sweet corn, a mop, a few sprays of vinegar, a bucket, a rug, and a shower.

Nick went to his parents’ trailor (see, I said it) that is about an hour north of Westerville, leaving me ample time to get some stuff done.

We are going to pick up a 1950’s set of Encyclopedias Britannica from a Mr. John McCollum that we know from the Central Vineyard fam. I am excited about them. I have visions of them being a very cool color with very cool photos that I can cut up (or scan) and make a bunch of stuff out of them. Nick was a tad offended at the idea of me taking scissors to the pages stating, “Our kids might someday want to use them for reports and stuff.” This cracks me up. Our kids will be like, “Encyclo-what?” So yes, scissors and postcard mayhem are sure to follow.

Speaking of postcard-ness. We ordered two sets of prints from overnightprints.com—they should be here at the end of the week. I have not yet figured out pricing, it will depend on shipping, which I need to figure out. That site was a dream to go through, so helpful. So they should be in our Etsy shop shortly.

Tonight we are going to dine on the culinary goodness of Noodles & Company. Yum. Nick has not been there yet, but I know he will like it as much I do. Maybe more. Date night awaits and on such a beautiful evening.

On a less light note, please pray for my relationship with the Lord right now. I do a good job of writing and speaking like I am fine, but my heart is hurting like it has not before.

Well, I am off in an effort to finish this day well. I hope you are having a great Labor Day!