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Monday, August 27, 2007

Here and There

Can I get an amen on the wonderful sleeping weather last night? I love cool nights. And days…Fall can come anytime.
So I am in the middle of watching a documentary about the horrors of WalMart and wow. If you have noticed how dim and chaotic the store is and that is not enough to stop you from shopping there, watch it. It’s very disturbing and makes me feel a tad helpless, but I am only half way through so…
I just got done reading a book called Little Children. Don’t read it. It’s shallow and dumb. A quick read, though, probably because I skimmed half of it for lack of content.
On a business front, we have ordered all of the supplies necessary to make our postcards. I am really excited about this new branch—as soon as the cards are in I will post photos so you can see them. Check out the rest of the Etsy shop (sans cards until another week or so) right here.
That’s all for now, this was a random post. Oh, one more thing. The other day I was watching TV and saw this girl with a really cute stud in her nose. I was sitting there wondering if I could pull off a nosering, wishing I had one and…I do. I do have one. I have had one for almost 5 years. I'm just sayin' is all.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I feel like I have to write something because I am at the library and still have 55mins to go being signed on to a computer, and I have nothing else to do online right now.

This day. I hope it gets better.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I know it's hard to see me darling
Let your eyes adjust
If you go blind just trust
You are made out of my dust

These are the lyrics I heard that made me drop the eyeliner in the sink yesterday. I was getting all dolled up to go the airport to pick up Nick (!), listening to Page France. And I have heard this song hundreds of times and thought I had listened to the lyrics, but no. I always thought it was a song between a boy and girl, him reassuring her that they will always be together—and then I heard the above lyrics and knew that it was meant to be Jesus speaking. (The tears that welled up ruined the makeup job I had been working on, but eh.) So then I put it on repeat for an hour and absorbed the lyrics. (They are printed below if you are so inclined.)

So, after a loooooooooong two weeks, Nick is home! WOOHOO! Yesterday was great, we just spent the day catching up, unpacking, etc. We went to North Market for dinner (yum) and then to the Ohio Theater for a showing of Sunset Boulevard, which I actually really liked. Poor Nick, jet-lagged and exhausted, couldn’t sit through the whole thing so we ended up leaving early. Still fun, though.

Check out some of the photos Nick took in Brazil at www.flickr.com/photos/shutterthink or just click on the link at the right side of the page. He had a blast and, quite frankly, came back a different person. I don’t really know how to describe it…his heart is so soft now. Even his voice has changed, at least to my ears. I felt so delighted in yesterday I sort of didn’t feel like I had room enough for it. Nick prayed, “Lord make her heart big enough for the joy You’ve put in mine.”

I guess that’s enough for now. I think I will try to put up photos of the apartment tomorrow.

‘Dogs’ by Page France
I heard it's getting windy so I'll sit and watch you blow
I will chain you to my boat
I will carry you back home
And I won't say I love you cause it's all been said before
Let's not say it anymore
'cause love nothing here's for sure
They treat us like dogs
So we play along
We bark and we moan
And play them more songs
But when we blow away
And get out of this place
We go down like a shower
And up like a prince
I heard it's getting windy and we'll all be blown away
Did you tell me you're afraid?
Darling, you look so afraid
And I'm not sure what happens when everything here ends
But I hope it's like they said
And I hope it never ends
They treat us like gold
Dug up to be sold
We shine and we shake
Assuming our roles
But when we blow away
Up over this place
We go down like a shout
And up like a praise
I know it's hard to see me darling
Let your eyes adjust
If you go blind just trust
You are made out of my dust
I was made out of your dust
And the wind will carry us
In the ocean's evening dust
Up above the mountaintops
He/You will have the both of us
He Will have the both of us
He/You will have the both of us

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Joy of Painting

So, I just heard from Nick and the team is finally in Brazil. It took them about a day longer than intended due to some plane problems and the like. Somewhere between the US and Brazil the airport lost Emily's (Nick's sister) bags...that sucks. However, she is reportedly taking it like a champ, which is more than I can say for myself had I been in that situation. Kudos to Miss Em. On a brighter front, Nick says there are amazing colors to capture all over the place. And you know what that means...new photos for Nick, new notecard material for me! So look for bright fun things very soon.

As for me, I am holding down the fort, as they say...Actually, I wish this apartment was a fort. But then I would never leave. OK, so this fort is getting a brand new coat of paint in the next couple of weeks. I am so excited! We have never painted anywhere we have lived--and believe you me, there have been many apartments in the four years of our marriage. We always seem to end up with the crackhead landlords (literally, in one case). But not this time. We have signed a two-year lease and are on our way to making it look like home. The paint colors are what Bob Ross in his prime would have called yellow ochre and phthalo blue:

The phthalo is a little muted and dark, but you get the idea. I also bought some fabric for curtains, which are being made tonight. More pictures on that later when the digital camera gets back from its missions trip.

Happy Friday!

In the beginning...

It's really late. I have been customizing this thing for a while now in preparation for new items to be sold in our Etsy shop. Starting September 1 (hopefully), we will be adding fine art notecards to the shop along with the great prints that are already for sale. Look for them in a couple of weeks!
Until then, I will probably update on the progress on getting that stuff ready to sell, if for no other reason than to get myself into the habit of blogging (almost) daily. Nick is in Brazil on a 2-week missions trip, so no time like the present to be productive! We shall see...

Over and out.