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Monday, September 1, 2008

For Michelle and Jenny

So, apparently I have not written a blog in ages. And even though this blog might be completely devoid of any real content, it will nevertheless be there. For my two faithful readers. ;)

A lot of real things are going on right now, but all I really feel like writing about is Gilmore Girls. Or Las Chicas Gilmore as it is called when I watch it with spanish subtitles, which I have been prone to do lately so my brain does not completely turn to mush. A couple of phrases that are now permanently embedded in my brain:
"Estamos bien?" = Are we ok?
"Levitemos como plumas, tiesas como palos." = Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
"Luke, hay brillo sobre mis panquecas." = Luke, there's some glitter on my pancakes.
(...and one I'm sure I'll use...)
"Me siento sucio." = I feel dirty.

Speaking of mush: I suddenly like oatmeal. Correction: lo amo. I love it. All my life, I gagged every time I tried to swallow it. Then, last week, I decided to like it. It's cheap, it's healthy, it's filling. The first few bites, dry heaves. Then, I finished the bowl. Over the weekend, I ate an entire box of it. That's 3 bowls a day. And we sell it at Starbucks now (not sure why, but I'm happy about it now) so my new addiction will continue every morning until I get sick of it.

Adios para ahora.


Robin Oatts said...

um you have 3 readers, unless you continue to talk about gilmore girls then it might be 2 again...

Kristin said...

No, 4 readers! :) :) :)

meridith said...

nice to see you pop up in my google reader updates! :) long live the gilmore girls!!

jenny mae. said...


i also gag my way through (delicious) oatmeal. i cannot escape it's pull and yet my throat tries to reject it every single time i try to eat it. what shall i do? and dang it i hate it when i get glitter in my pancakes!

saylor days said...

all these comments! ya so oatmeal... colin got me the little starbucks container to try and i've yet to try it but i'll let you know. id like to start watching gilmore girls again maybe starting at season 4.

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